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Taggialto is the name we have coined for the extra virgin olive oil extracted from high quote olives.
Those who already appreciates Taggiasco olive oil, just with one drop may understand the excellence of our Taggialto.
The groves olive trees, situated in high areas inaccessible to farm vehicles that are used in the valley or plain, produce very tiny olives.
Many centuries have been needed to our ancestors to terrace the most inaccessible places in our mountains, they knew what they were doing: olive trees that grow in these conditions, often extreme, in some cases at the last high limit altitude they can bear fruit, and produce an olive oil with an extraordinary taste.

"Taggialto is a new word thought up to indicate extra virgin olive oil extracted from high altitude olive trees that can’t be generally called taggiasco."

Giuseppe Vaccarini – President of ASPI
Association of Italian Professional Sommellerie

"Taggialto is a great invention! "
Luigi Caricato - Director of “OlioOfficina Globe”

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